What’s Your Dominant Customer Success Strength? – Test

It’s time to see where you truly shine as a Customer Success Manager!

Are you curious to know what your main strength as a customer success manager is? Take our quiz and find out!

Customer Success Managment is a demanding field that requires those who practice it to have certain qualities and traits. Good Customer Success Management is hard to execute, but I’m thinking that if you’ve landed here it’s because you’re a CSM that’s always looking for new solutions, tactics, and learning material. Extra points to you! (Don’t worry- we’re not actually going to grade you). But, just in case you’ve ever wondered… let’s find out exactly where you excel as a Customer Success Manager!

1. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

2. Which term motivates you most?

3. How would you describe your conversations with customers?

4. Quick! Your customer has expressed disappointment and want’s to cancel their contract. What do you do?

5. What’s your go-to meal for office lunch?

6. What’s the best aspect of your job?

7. For your colleagues you most definitely are...

8. What would you be doing if you weren't working in Customer Success?

What's Your Dominant Customer Success Strength? - Test
You’re an expert in the client’s field

You’re always in the know. You make sure to stay on top of anything relevant to your client’s industry with recent news, announcements, updates, or studies. You’ve mastered your client’s product and even hold accounts with their competitors to gain a full understanding of the market. It’s not enough that your customer claims to be an expert in their field, you have to be one too.
You’re the Boss of your Customer

You’re the person people run to when a client turns red or a situation needs fixing. You’re proud of your successes, but always credit the customer for theirs as well. You know how to analyze your work and you actively find ways to better serve your clients. If someone churns, you’re on it. What could you have done better? Don’t worry- you’ll find out, and then implement new strategies right away. You anticipate problems before they happen and work side-by-side with clients to combat them.
You’re the cheerleader

Whether you’re reassuring a customer in times of stress or just reminding them know how awesome they are, you only have positive vibes to give! You’re an ideal team player and you’re always eager to help others. You’re truly passionate about the success of your client and know that ensuring this means offering trusted advice and sound criticism to the rest of your team. You know that at the root of a happy customer is a happy Customer Success team, and you’re positivity is sure to get your program there!
You’re an influencer

You fully understand your role as a CSM and are ready to define and streamline it for the rest of the world! You’re active in Customer Success communities and know how to communicate with every stakeholder in your company. Your power is far reaching and your ability to influence others is exponential. You have a written collection of your findings, experiences, and research and share them with the rest of the CS community through various outlets. You collect data and detailed notes on each and every customer; you know that there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution.

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Written by Elyse Simek

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