User Onboarding Experience Calculator

No email opt-in required. How good is your UX when onboarding new users? Answer our questions to see your score.

Who takes care of the user onboarding experience at your company?

Do you map your user onboarding journey to identify what information your user needs at each step?

Do you create different user onboarding journeys for different user segments based on what each persona intends to achieve?

Do you monitor trial users closely to gauge product engagement?

Do you have automation in place to proactively intervene if users don’t interact with key features or aren’t engaging with your product within the first two or three days after signup?

Do you reinforce positive behavior? For example: Rewarding users who interacted with a key feature with an in-product message and/or email?

How do you make sure your users know about all the potential use cases they can use your software for? (select all that apply)

Do you have a list of tasks your users have to accomplish during the onboarding phase to become productive?

Do your customers see the checklist of tasks they need to perform during the onboarding phase?

Do you set clear expectations regarding time-to-value? (i.e. making sure the user knows what they have to accomplish in order to see initial results)

Do you monitor time-to-value within your product?

How do you proactively intervene to reduce time-to-value and lead users to quick wins right after signing up? (select all that apply)

What is the first thing your user sees after signing up?

Do you monitor the time it takes for users to accomplish all the key onboarding tasks (on average)?

Do you monitor the average number of key onboarding tasks users accomplish in the first 24 hours after signing up?

Do you combine in-product guidance with drip campaigns to assist users through their onboarding journey?

Can users talk to you via in-product live chat while testing your software?

How do you support customers who cannot complete a process on their own?

Do you monitor the percentage of trial users who accomplish all the key onboarding tasks within the first 24 to 48 hours?

Do you have a clear action plan related to different onboarding metrics you collect? (eg. if value X is below benchmark then…)

Do users have immediate access to advanced features without performing key tasks first?

Do your users fully understand and properly use advanced features in a relatively short amount of time after signup?(<w1)

Do you proactively intervene based on user intent and context to prevent users from making mistakes or getting stuck?

Do you allow your users to choose how to explore your software?

Do you have clear in-product signals/messages that allow you to keep selling your product to trial users?

How do you trigger specific actions in your platform? (for example, by exploration, trying a feature, finishing up a process…) (select all that apply)