Upcoming Roundup interview: CX and CS trends for 2018

Attention all Customer Success Managers, SaaS buffs, and everyone in between…

Customer Success and Customer Experience are gaining traction as major departments and programs for businesses this year, and we’re all here for it! Our amazing panel of Customer Success and CX experts will discuss the top trends to look forward to, and how you can implement a customer-focused strategy at your company this year.

The goal of our blog at Userlane is to facilitate an honest dialogue with our readers on trending and interesting business topics, which is why we love showcasing Customer Success thought leaders any chance we get. Together, we’ll work with this legendary panel to share personal experiences, provide valuable advice, and offer opinions on our projections for this growing field in 2018.

Our Panelists:

customer success and customer experience trends for 2018

We’ll be discussing the future of Customer Success and CX, and the major trends to watch out for entering 2018 while answering questions like:• What are the main areas CSMs and CX managers will need to focus on in 2018?• What innovations will become particularly relevant in 2018?• What should companies be doing with all the massive customer data readily available to them in today’s technological age?• How can you make sure that CX and CS programs actually lead to satisfaction and advocacy (beyond plain metrics and indicators)?

Your hosts:

Elyse Simek Marketing Manager Userlane
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Andy Mura Head of Marketing Userlane
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