Brand Elements: Our New Logo

What Userlane’s Smiling Face Actually Represents

First Element: The circle

Humans are positive beings driven by motivation.

If we look at elementary shapes, humans can be associated with roundness. Organic shapes seldom present sharp edges, and people are no exception!

The circle in our logo represents, therefore, a human being.

Humans are also characterized by passions and emotions which are typical of our species and often associated with the color RED.

Second Element: The Square

Machines lack human warmth, are artificial and therefore linked to colder colors like blue.🔷

If we look at basic shapes, machines are often associated with straight lines and edges which typically don’t exist in nature.

The square in our logo represents a machine. ⏹️

Their Relationship

Humans aren’t as strong or as fast as other animals. We need machines to collect energy, gather food, build stuff, and process information.

Machines are fast and support us in everything we do. With machines we automatically become faster, stronger and more intelligent. We need machines and machines need us! ❤️ ⏹️

The main problem is that humans and machines speak two different languages and interaction is sometimes hindered by the lack of clarity. Humans can’t spontaneously find a way to interact with machines and are forced to learn how to communicate with them.

Third element: The U-shaped smile

The U-shaped element obviously stands for ‘Userlane’!

Userlane is the connection between the two main elements. And this reflects our mission, which is to bridge the knowledge gap between humans and machines.

With Userlane, anyone can operate any piece of software without any prior knowledge or training.

The logo as a whole

The resulting logo is obviously a smiling face  which reflects one of our main values: positivity.

What this actually means to us is really hard to explain, because this specific concept permeates every conversation, meeting, and decision we make. But that’s a good topic for another post…

So, on the one hand, the smiling face represents our general positive attitude but the logo can also be interpreted in a slightly different way…or two actually…

It could be seen as a person and a machine that are finally united as two old friends that haven’t met in ages …


you can look at it as if the person was sitting at their desk and working with their computer.

Userlane still remains the element that connects the person and the piece of software they operate!

The color

If the person is represented by a red circle and the machine by a blue square, their happy union should be a combination of the two colors, right?

Of course!

And what do you get by mixing blue and red?

Nope. Wrong!

I know you thought of purple or magenta.
But you see…purple doesn’t actually exist…

Purple is an illusion. It is our own interpretation of two colors that are present at the same time without resulting in a specific frequency.

If it’s true that in between red and green there’s another frequency (yellow) and that the same also happens between green and blue (cyan) and that these are the frequencies we see when we combine the other primary colors…well, halfway between red and blue there’s only green. But because green has already a special place in our vision there’s no real way to see blue and red together.

So, our brain tricks us into thinking that this combination is a new color…purple.  And we accept that!

The color purple is the combination of the two main elements in our logo but it is also a spectacularly human characteristic that resonates with our brand!

We love automation  but also the natural interaction with inspiring human beings!