PR: From a Dirt Road to a Top 50 Company and SAP Partner in Just a Couple of Years

Userlane’s in the fast lane: the rapid growth of a company with the ambitious goal of changing the way we use software


Today, Userlane GmbH, a tech company based in Munich changing the way people use and learn software applications worldwide, announced new awards and honors including being ranked 26th in the list of the top 50 German new companies and its partnership with the ERP giant SAP within the scope of the PartnerEdge Build program.

2017 saw the company launch their new brand image and collect several awards which included the Vodafone Breakthrough Award, the BMWi Digital Award at CEBIT and the best IT Initiative Mittelstand. A few weeks in 2018 and the company has already collected a new prize as Best Innovation at Learntec 2018 and has now been included in the study conducted by the prestigious FAZ group as one of the top 50 startup companies in Germany while becoming a member of the SAP partnership program.

Such a long way in no time. Just three years ago, three friends (and future co-founders of Userlane) were driving around in the mountains on a dirt road when they realized they were lost. They obviously didn’t worry too much. The car they were driving in had a GPS navigation system that could guide them home, turn-by-turn and in real time.

That’s when the three co-founders to be had the idea to create an actual navigation system for complex software applications that would steer users step-by-step, in real time through every process with on-screen guidance and be different from other non-interactive solutions like tooltips and simple onboarding tours. The vision: exactly as cars nowadays are delivered with navigation, in just a few years from now, every piece of software will also be distributed with in-app guidance.

Digital Transformation and the need for new software. Even though digitization represents a top priority for 87 percent of executives, only 10 percent of companies worldwide declare themselves as being fully digital [1].

This discrepancy is partially due to problems connected to change management and the alignment of the company goals with a customer-centric mentality.

However, 52 percent of companies still struggle with internal resilience to change and legacy problems [2] that make it difficult for them to introduce a new infrastructure and implement new software that would allow them to tackle the challenges brought in by digital transformation.

Additionally, large corporations often have to deal with high direct and indirect costs connected to staff training and reduced productivity linked to stand-still time.

Userlane’s ambitious mission is to close the knowledge gap between humans and machines by allowing anybody to operate any software instantly without any handbooks, tutorials or formal training, thus facilitating digital disruption.

Userlane enables digital transformation by increasing software adoption

Their mission hasn’t gone unnoticed and the company managed to attract the interest of some of the most sought-after investors, renowned business partners, top industry influencers and notable key accounts.

Being supported by a company like SAP is an important milestone” according to Hartmut Hahn, Co-Founder who goes on saying: “SAP is used in virtually every sector for every process companies need to work with. Their ERP software allows businesses to operate seamlessly and according to their own business models. Being able to work with them and helping employees to be operative from day one within the system is a big leap that brings us a lot closer to our goal.

Enabling digital transformation. According to the Association for Talent Development’s 2017 State of the Industry Report, the average training costs per employee amounted to $1,273 in 2016 (up from $1,252 in 2015 and $1,229 in 2014). Additionally, according to Forrester, 32 percent of companies state that recruiting employees with the appropriate digital skills is the biggest barrier to digital transformation [3].

With Userlane, companies can rely on employees who are able to operate any software from day one and can reduce friction and costs while boosting productivity by eliminating the need for software training.

After reading the report on the top 50 German new companies issued by FAZ, Kai Uhlig, one of the co-founders, mentioned: “The most important signal that shows we’re on the right track is seeing that our efforts are continuously recognized and praised by customers. At the same time, I’m extremely pleased to see that independent organizations and institutions also appreciate what we’re doing.”

About Userlane: Userlane is a Munich-based tech company whose software allows companies to create on-screen interactive guides for software applications. These guides can be used to create user onboarding walkthroughs or to launch in-app training programs that firms implement to tutor staff members on their software stack.