Launching Userlane 2.0

A new and more powerful editor

Munich, May 2017: After a successful rebranding campaign that saw Userlane promote its new logo and corporate identity with the release of a brand new site, the company announced today the launch of a new self-service version of their editor for interactive guides.

2017 started as a very busy year for Userlane, the Munich based software company famous for their on-screen, interactive guides for software.

After closing a very successful seeding round in 2016, in the first quarter of the current year, Userlane expanded considerably by implementing new strategic and operational units and creating a new brand image which is perfectly in line with its positioning in the premium sector.

The beginning of the year brought four new awards connected to innovation and change management. To maintain operations aligned with the new rules dictated by the fourth industrial revolution, Userlane now publicly publicized the launch of their new self-service solution.

The release was applauded by existing customers, investors, and prospects.

Userlane’s interactive guides allow users to interact with any new piece of software efficiently and proficiently without any previous knowledge or training.

Looking back at the origin of the product, at the very beginning, the company would create each single guide for their customers who would then integrate the service within their software application.

First Prototype: A few months ago, the company released a lite version of their editor, which would then allow clients to modify the text of existing guides on their own.

New Editor and Dashboard: Later on, the engineering team released a Beta version of their full-fledged editor which was successfully tested and enhanced over the course of the first quarter of 2017.

In the spirit of digital transformation, the company keeps surprising customers and fans with its efficiency and speed.

As of today, customers can count on a new version of the product. 

After signing up, customers now access a dedicated dashboard where they can set up their guides, add multi-language functionality, and adjust the style of the guides to match their own brand and corporate identity.

The whole process is intuitive, seamless, and the user experience is excellent.

Felix Eichler, one of the three co-founders and CTO with Userlane stated: “Right after integrating the service within an application with a simple snippet that can be found in the dashboard, customers can now start creating guides for specific processes within their software and immediately guide users through all the basic or advanced features of their solution.

Record-Mode: The new editor, that was initially used by the engineers at Userlane to create the first guides, leverages a real-time record mode. Mapping the steps that the user needs to take is as fast as going through the process itself.

After selecting the record function, the only thing left is clicking through the process and adding text to explain the elements that were selected at each step.

All edits and modifications can be seen live on screen and the editor offers now full flexibility in terms of customization. Userlane’s customers can decide which steps are mandatory, edit information, add, move or delete steps with simple drag and drop functionality.

Analytics: After saving and launching a userlane, it is now possible to go back to the dashboard where guides can be activated or deactivated with a simple toggle and customers can also access the analytics.

This section allows SaaS business owners and employers to closely monitor performance. The interface looks slick and clear and offers precious insights on usage and completion.

Customers can easily verify how many users started and completed their userlanes and can gather precious intelligence data on processes and user experience by pinpointing troublesome areas in which users seem to linger and can therefore adjust procedures accordingly.

The decision to quickly move to a fully self-service solution was triggered by the current climate in the market and customer expectations but also became necessary in order to guarantee scalability” mentioned Kai Uhlig co-founder and head of operations.

Even though clients can now create their own guides in minutes, the company is not going to discontinue their professional services.

Userlane still works with a dedicated team of experts who are specifically trained to explain software and processes.

In Hartmut Hahn’s words – co-founder in charge of sales: “In compliance with its premium positioning, Userlane still creates high-end guides as a service for all those customers who either do not have dedicated resources for the project or want to have access to professional expertise.”

Userlane is moving very fast and making all the right moves that are currently propelling the company to the top tier of software solutions that enable and facilitate digital transformation.