Product Updates July 2018 – Advanced User Segmentation for Onboarding

Show different guides to different users

How to create a user segment when implementing on-screen interactive guides and onboarding tours


Our team is growing rapidly and so is our product!

Our customer success managers are constantly in touch with our customers and collect feedback on our product. No feedback goes unnoticed!

After analyzing all the feedback collected directly or indirectly from our users, our customer success team passes on the information to our product manager. Our engineers, in turn, do everything they can to adapt our product roadmap to improve the overall user experience and accommodate the feature requests put forward by our customers.

One of the most requested features was the ability to display different userlanes (or no userlanes at all) to specific groups of users. In other words, being able to create different user segments (based on their role, usage pattern, analytics) who go through different personalized product journeys according to the guides or chapters they have access to.  

Therefore, we’re very pleased to announce that, starting from now,  all of our customers can use advanced user segmentation to create different groups of users.

These segments can be used within the Userlane analytics section to gather more granular data regarding product usage and in-app behavior, or to show specific guides (userlanes)  to different segments .

Let’s dig into advanced user segmentation…

What is Advanced User Segmentation?

Advanced User Segmentation is a new product feature that provides a tailored customer journey.   

Advanced Segmentation offers the capability to define filter criteria based on the demographic and behavioral information of a user, as well as store such data as a specific segment.

Creating a filter to activate customer segmentation in on-screen guides for software training

This new segment can be used to control the user access to userlanes and chapters.

Who is this designed for?

This feature is designed for everyone who uses Userlane, but will be especially useful for the Userlane manager with more advanced skills. This would also be beneficial for any user who is already utilizing the Tags function in their Dashboard.

Many of our customers already prefer to show specific userlanes to different user groups.


Creating a filter and using it to create a segment in Userlane


For example, when users with a particular level of authority access certain areas within an application or simply when companies deal with new users. Therefore, the feature is useful for both user onboarding and staff training.

Additionally, some of our customers want to customize their user journeys based on the product usage and proficiency of their user base.

How does it work?

Segmentation works by having the User Admin create segments based on demographic or behavioral information and then apply the segments to either a full chapter or a single userlane.


Saving a new segment for customer segmentation and onboarding automation


Why is this important?


We understand how vital it is to target your users with the right message at the right time and create conditional paths or customized journeys.


How to assign an on-screen guide to a specific user segment in Userlane


Through user segmentation, not only will you be able to better understand your data, but you will also be able to confirm that your efforts are working properly.

In conclusion, you will increase performance and usability, while enhancing your targeting efforts.  

Still onboarding staff members or users with handbooks or video tutorials instead of using on-screen interactive guidance? Arrange a call with our solution experts and try Userlane for free!


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