2018 A Year in Review: Achievements, Growth, and Success Stories

365 days of Userlane

Hartmut Hahn Founder and CEO Userlane


Looking back on 2018 has shown us what an amazing journey we have embarked upon this year. Besides all of the great times we spent together doing things like hiking, making breakfast, and having team events, we also achieved a lot with our company and with our product in a very quick amount of time.


Our product and engineering teams worked harder than ever to enrich Userlane with lots of new features. Some of these features had been part of our product roadmap since the very beginning. Others were introduced following specific feature requests.

Our customer success team is constantly collecting feedback and requests from each single one of our customers. And they always make sure that every requests gets the attention it deserves so that our product managers can update our roadmap.

It would be impossible to list all the new features and product improvements here, but let me mention some of our most significant enhancements.

After implementing userlanes for Userlane (literally explaining our product with our own product) we built a brand new product academy to onboard our own users with interactive guidance.

We enhanced Userlane’s entire onboarding process after rolling out our own product internally as if each unite were a customer!

We also improved our interface a lot both in the front and back end. Thanks to our new UX experts, we managed to enhance usability for both end users and guide managers.

One of the greatest achievements we had this year is probably the introduction of advanced user segmentation features which allow our customers to customize the user experience for their end users and provide contextual support.

With advanced user segmentation, userlanes can be applied to specific segments and shown exactly the moment they would need them.  Pretty cool stuff!


Many things have changed over the past (almost) 365 days. Lots of awesome people joined our company adding incredible value in terms of competence and know-how.

Just for fun, we tried to derive an aggregate number of years of education and work experience of all our employees. It would take a single person almost 650 years to gather the same know-how in different sectors. And that’s amazing!!!!

Other great news include the long series of awards we won such as:

Global Pitch: Business


Ausgezeichnete Orte im Land der Ideen



DBahn Startup Express

And of course….the most incredible news this year is our work with partnerships.

On top of existing partnership programs with SAP, T-Systems, Atlassian and CPlace, Userlane was picked by Microsoft as one of the top 10 tech companies tackling digital transformation.

This means that we’re now part of the Microsoft ScaleUP program and currently looking into co-selling options and access to international partner network opportunities with Microsoft.

Our Investors

Of course, none of our achievements would have been made possible without the constant support of our investors.

We had a very important investment round early in the year which gave us the fuel to accelerate our growth with our product and our teams.

And for this, we want to send out a special thank you to High Tech Gründerfonds, main incubator, and FTR Ventures for always believing in our mission to let anybody use software instantly and also express our gratitude to Capnamic for leading our Series A investment round. We’re so proud to be part of such a great family!!!

Going forward into 2019 we expect big things to happen with our company and product, and we can’t wait to share all of the new developments with you.

And that’s a wrap! We are ending our year on a high note and we hope that you are as well!

Userlane team wishes happy holidays