100% Proficient
With Any Software
Without IT Training

What if I told you that training employees on how to use software is no longer necessary? Just follow me for a second to find out why!

Introducing New Software in the Era of Digital Transformation

Digitization forces us to introduce a lot of new applications that we use to speed up processes, gather more insights into our customer's behavior and expectations, provide a great customer experience, and ultimately add value throughout the entire customer journey.

This leads to better operations, more focused business goals, higher customer intimacy, and more profitability.

However, this process is also connected to challenges.

One of the major hurdles according to Forrester is making sure that your staff is properly trained and fully operative within any software application.

Our Software is the solution to the problem.

Userlane closes the knowledge gap between humans and machines by allowing anybody to use any software instantly without any prior knowledge or training.

Bare with me for a second to understand how we accomplish that.

And I'll do that by starting with a very familiar comparison.

A Familiar Comparison: Planning a Trip

So you're planning your trip. Say you want to go from Toronto, Ontario (Canada) to New Castle, Pennsylvania (United States).

IT Training and Software Training

What options do you have to navigate from your current location to your destination?

If I'm in downtown Toronto, I might find a sign that tells me where to go to a neighboring town but there are definitely no signs that point me to New Castle, PA.

Option 1: Memorize the route

The first option, would be to get a map or type the destination in Google maps and memorize the whole route...turn-by-turn.

Option 2: A Bulky Map

training people on software

Of course, instead of committing the whole route to memory, you can carry with you a map or a road atlas which you can check at each intersection to make sure you're heading in the right direction.

Option 3: Watch a Video

software training

As absurd as it sounds, you can actually find online videos that show the exact same journey you're about to take. Therefore, you can simply watch one of these videos and replicate what the driver did in it, turn-by-turn, while maybe going back to the video a few times when you can't remember if the driver on the video took a left or right turn.

Option 4: Attend a Class

IT training explaining software

This might sound bizarre as well, but you could actually join a course where somebody who previously drove the same route walks you through a map step by step while you take notes.

Afterwards, you can create a cheat sheet and use that to reach your destination.

Option 5: The Sensible Choice

I'm pretty sure that options one to four sound either outdated or totally ridiculous.

Virtually every car in the world now is shipped with interactive, turn-by-turn guidance.

navigation system for software and IT training

You jump into your car, enter your destination in your navigation system and follow the instructions until you reach your destination.

The whole experience is immediate, simple, and pleasant. That's why nobody would actually choose any of the other options!

The navigation system in your car works because it:

  • works in real-time
  • is interactive
  • is always up-to-date
  • represents a permanent solution to the problem
  • is adaptable to ANY route you want to drive


Learning How To Use Software

The exact same concept applies to software training.

For this purpose, you can let people go through handbooks and manuals.

software staff training

Or ask your employees to watch video tutorials and replicate all the actions of the user in the video.

IT training for enteprise applications

Alternatively, you can organize seminars and training courses and expect people to take notes and use them to learn how to use a piece of software once they go back to their desks.

But training people on software with manuals, courses, and video tutorials is limited by the same constraints and problems connected to using non interactive, asynchrounous guidance when driving around a new area.


the navigations system for software to train your staff

We created the navigation system for software that guides users step-by-step through processes in real time.

Exactly as a navigation system, Userlane:

  • works in real-time
  • is interactive
  • is easy to keep up-to-date (unlike handbooks and video tutorials)
  • represents a permanent solution to the problem
  • is adaptable to ANY software application

Our product goes on top of any other browser-based software and guides users step-by-step and in real time while they actually accomplish tasks in the application they’re working on.

Our guides steer people through software  while they actually accomplish tasks.

This means that learners don’t need to follow instructional videos, attend training courses, or read handbooks and then go back to their applications to work.

software trianing and IT training

Users look for a specific task they need to accomplish using our virtual assistant and are then guided step-by-step with on-screen interactive guides that allow them to successfully achieve their goal and perform any task in a completely new environment without any delay or frustration.

With Userlane, you can automate and scale your IT Training, reduce costs, avoid problems connected to the obsolescence of training materials, and offer a great employee experience while driving digital transformation.

Learn more about Userlane!

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