Write For Userlane

Considering writing for us? That’s great! We welcome contributions from guest authors, provided that you adhere to our guidelines set out below. 

Why Write For Us?

The Userlane blog provides high-quality, well-written, and well-researched content to our readers. Our audience includes various professionals in the B2B enterprise industry, so we’re looking for content that provides thought leadership, advice and inspiration, and educational information.

By writing for us, you’ll have the unique opportunity to amplify your voice and brand, expand your reach, and grow your audience. Please note that when it comes to content promotion, we follow a standard procedure.

Sound good? Let’s get to it!

write for us - guest blogging guidelines

What We’re Looking For

We specialize in content relating to: 

  • Digital Transformation
  • Future of Work
  • Change Management
  • Digital/Software Adoption
  • SaaS 
  • Customer Success/ Customer Experience
  • Learning & Development

We’re on the lookout for guest authors with expert knowledge on these topics. Please note that our content is aligned with the enterprise market, but we’ll happily review submissions relating to SMBs and Midmarket businesses.

Submission Guidelines

Before getting in touch with us, please consider the following carefully. Once you’ve read through these requirements and are confident you can meet them, you can then submit your ideas. 


Please keep our target audience in mind, namely B2B professionals in the SaaS industry and enterprise sector. We encourage you to use your own voice and style, but don’t forget who you’re writing for!


We’re looking for experts and thought leaders in a particular industry or profession, and you need to have a proven track-record in producing high-quality B2B content. It’s okay if you’re a freelance writer, but you do need to have experience in a particular field.

Bio and Headshot 

If we accept your article for publishing, we require a short bio of yourself as well as a headshot.


Please try and include relevant images that add value. We tend to avoid generic stock images, so if you can, please provide charts/graphs etc. If you don’t give us images to work with, we’ll choose our own when applicable. 

Length and Content 

Articles should contain between 1200 – 2500 words. You’re welcome to go slightly over the word count provided your information is useful and valuable. Your content must be detailed and/or contain actionable advice and practical information. 

We will not accept generic or 101 content or content that can easily be found with a quick Google search. We will also reject content that is heavily plagiarized or appears elsewhere. 


You’re welcome to add external links on relevant anchor texts. Please make sure that these are high-quality sources that are linked to sites with a good domain authority. If you repeatedly link to your site, we will have to remove some of these links. 


We want you to provide our audience with valuable, informative, and/or educational content. We will not accept content that is self-promotional or advertorial, although one or two links to your site/blog are welcome as long as they are relevant and add value to the post. 

Structure, Format, Editing 

We require a logical structure with clear subheadings. We accept all formats when submitting your draft, but we do prefer to work in Google docs! Please use easy-to-digest paragraphs. 

Please ensure that you have checked your spelling and grammar thoroughly – we will not accept content that requires heavy editing

How It Works

Step 1

Fill out the form below with the following information: 

  • Some topic ideas that we can discuss as well as any questions you may have
  • Links to your social profiles (LinkedIn/Twitter)
  • Links to previous content you’ve written

Step 2

If you meet our criteria and we agree on a topic, please  prepare a first draft and then submit to us for review

Step 3

We’ll assess the draft, and upon approval, we’ll make any necessary edits/ changes and rework the title. 

Please understand that accepting a draft does not mean we will publish it! This depends on whether your draft adheres to our guidelines and has good content. 

Step 4 

Once you’ve agreed with the changes, we’ll go ahead and publish on a date set by us. We’ll send you the live link and follow our standard procedure for promotion. You’re welcome to share the link on your own social media profiles etc.! Just no syndicated content please – get in touch with us first!

Please Note …

Under no circumstance will we accept the following:

  • Plagiarized/partly plagiarized content or content you’ve already published elsewhere
  • Advertisers or sponsored posts
  • Poorly written content (this goes for your emails too!)

Submissions that do not meet our requirements will be immediately rejected! We appreciate your understanding in this regard.

Contact Us!

If you’ve read the guidelines carefully, fill out the form below! You’re welcome to ask questions before submitting topic ideas. 

Looking forward to your submission!