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We welcome guest posts, provided that they meet the criteria we present in this page.

Before pitching your article to us, please read our guest post guidelines and then feel free to reach out at letstalk@userlane.com if you have any questions. We can’t wait to review your post! 🙂

write for us - guest blogging guidelines

Guidelines for Guest Bloggers

In order to send a pitch for a guest post idea and become a contributor, this is what we require:

  1. You must have a proven track record in B2B content. Send us a few links to articles you wrote!
  2. You need to have a public profile online: your blog and/or website, or a bio page. We also need to be able to connect your name and face with a specific LinkedIn profile. Basically, we need to know who you are. We love bots but only work with humans when it comes to content, which brings us to the next topic:

Submission Guidelines

Of course you can pitch an article you already wrote, but it’s better if you contact us first with a couple of ideas. Here is what we expect from our guest contributors.

  1. Your article must be directly related to the topics we love and cover on our blog: Customer Experience, Customer Success, User Experience, User Onboarding, Product Management, SaaS, SaaS Growth.  (We are currently not accepting requests covering the following: eLearning, HR Technology, Digital Transformation, Change Management, Employee Experience, Staff Training. Please check back later when we will accept these again!)
  2. Your article must be unique (no plagiarism, please!!!) and can’t be published or reprinted anywhere else. Once we publish it on our blog, we’ll do lots of promotion for it! However, there will not be any reprints, spins, syndication.
  3. You are a thought leader in your industry. You have experience in your line of work and you have the credentials to prove it! Right now we are looking for professionals who are well versed in the topics we mentioned above (see point 1.)
  4. We work in B2B. It’s okay if you have a specific reader persona in mind, but please don’t forget who our audience is!
  5. NO ADVERTORIALS or promotional posts. If we feel you just want to publish your article to promote your business or website (with the content you write or the links you include) or for SEO purposes we’ll have to reject your submission. If you manage to organically mention another blog post you wrote (which adds value to your article) or your product (among others) we might be able to accept it. We really check each case individually!
  6. Reach out, tell us who you are, why you want to write for us, send us some links to articles you wrote, and a few ideas for a guest post. Once we agree on a working title you can send us your first draft. We love to work with Google Docs because it’s easy to comment and work on the same text together. But we also accept other text formats as well. Can we avoid pdfs, please? 😀 Much appreciated!
  7. Add links to your text. If you also want to include specific pictures/charts /graphs send them to us separately and we’ll include them in the post. Otherwise, our graphic designers we’ll pick the most relevant images.
  8. We’ll review your draft, suggest edits (if necessary), check external links and pictures for quality and relevance and send it back to you for review. We will not rewrite the article, the content needs to come from you. Once we all agree on edits/suggestions we finalize your post and tell you the exact date when it’ll go live. If your article requires too much editing we’ll be forced to reject your submission 🙁
  9. We address a large audience of experts and professionals who work in mid-sized and large corporations. We expect to receive a well-researched and well-written post. No 101 content, please!
  10. Your article needs to provide original, valuable and actionable content.
  11. Even though we must maintain a professional tone, you’re totally free to use your own style. Choose the tone/register you’re comfortable with. We want to hear your own voice!
  12. Your article must contain at least 1200 words. Subdivide your post into digestible paragraphs and add subheadings. We value articles with a clear structure!
  13. Together with your draft, send us your profile picture and your bio which can contain links to your blog and/or website and/or social media accounts and/or recent articles or publications.

Sounds good? Then contact us and pitch your cool ideas. We can’t wait to work together with you!