Xmas at Userlane Day Twenty Two

Day Twenty Two: Wrapping up for the Holidays


Santa Wraps
He leaves his Head Elf Bernard in charge of implementing new automation at the North Pole….But changing well-established processes is not that easy.
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Santa's Ribbons and Bows

Meanwhile at the North Pole

On the 22nd day of Christmas, Bernard and the elves did a final review of the overall toy production. As it turned out, the elves were way ahead of their estimated goal.
There were still some final toys that needed attention but there were no longer any questions regarding meeting the C-Day deadline.

While Bernard was doing his review, he noticed that some of the elves were not in the workshop. He found out that Pixy, Marble and a few others had come down with a cold, or as they say at the North Pole, elfitus.

Luckily, the elves could still perform their duties even while being a bit short staffed. In fact, they decided to move forward with hiring a new elf that day named Marcy May. This was Marcy’s first job ever, and, on her first day, she was able to manage every single task within the Christmas Resource Planning (XRP) tool with no previous software experience!

This news surprised Bernard so much that he felt that he needed to stop everything and tell Santa.

Santa's Reply to Bernard

Dear Bernard,

Because of my long holiday this December, I am a bit late on wrapping my presents. I have spent all day trying to get the perfect wrapping paper and to make sure I do each fold perfectly - I know Mrs. Claus likes that!

That is great news about Marcy May, I am looking forward to meeting her and discussing her experiences at the North Pole already. I can’t believe that she was able to start on the XRP and use it effectively with no previous software knowledge! Actually, how is that even possible?

And Bernard, how do you know that everything is running smoothly now that we have released the Christmas Adoption Platform (XAP)? How are you able to be so sure that the improvements with the XRP are a result of the XAP?



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