Xmas at Userlane Day Twenty One

Day Twenty One: Hanging Stockings and Drinking Eggnog


Santa decides to modernize things to enjoy some free time.
He leaves his Head Elf Bernard in charge of implementing new automation at the North Pole….But changing well-established processes is not that easy.
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Santa's decorating

Meanwhile at the North Pole

On this day, Bernard went home early to try and call the support team at the Christmas Resource Planning (XRP) tool and from the Christmas Adoption Platform (XAP) tool.

He wanted to make sure that there are no further updates coming and if so, what he needed to do to prepare the elves for it. They had already experienced some setbacks when the XRP had an update earlier in the month, and the elves were still not sure what to do if it happened again.

During the call, he discovered that there were no further updates planned for either solution and that the XAP had a very special function which he didn't know about. Basically, the XAP reacts to any changes within the software that it is used for.
Meaning, the XAP will automatically adjust its guides as soon as a product update happens! So there was no need to worry!

Bernard happily sent over his notes to Santa while he put on his favorite Christmas movie, Elf.

Santa's Reply to Bernard

Dear Bernard,

I am back home now and decided to rearrange my Christmas decorations in the house. You know that I like some of the decorations done in a specific way!

This means I hung up the stockings again and checked that the star was on top of the tree at a perfect angle. Now everything looks good so I am relaxing with some eggnog.

I am happy to hear that the XAP won't be affected if the XRP has an update, especially around the holidays! It is challenging to prepare for such an occasion, as we know from experience earlier this month.

I was thinking about when I first started the workshop and I didnt have enough elves to get all of the toys created in time. We pulled so many all-nighters that year, I can’t even tell you how many.

Which leads me to my question - what would happen if we were under-elved? Would the XAP still be able to support the elves that we have and not interfere with their work?



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