Xmas at Userlane Day Thirteen

Day Thirteen: Rocking around the Christmas Tree


Santa decides to modernize things to enjoy some free time.
He leaves his Head Elf Bernard in charge of implementing new automation at the North Pole….But changing well-established processes is not that easy.
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Santa loves to Jam

Meanwhile at the North Pole

After receiving Santa’s advice on how to execute training, Bernard asked Sparkles and other team lead elves for their help. The idea was to have elves, who were already operating efficiently in the Christmas Resource Planning (XRP) software, create some handbooks and tutorial videos.
“If we can share the knowledge from elf to elf through videos or handbooks, then every elf will be able to access the information at any time!” thought Bernard.

On his way over to Sparkles, he noticed that the work spaces were fairly empty. “Where is everyone?” asked Bernard.
“Oh, they all have ideas for what they want to record for the videos and the books and right now they can’t agree on the best way to produce everything,” said Sparkles. Bernard looked over at the calendar and began to worry about time. He went back to his desk and reached out to Santa.

Santa's Reply to Bernard

Dear Bernard,

My time away from the workshop has reconnected me with another passion of mine. I am not sure if you have ever seen the movie Blue Hawaii, but in the film, Elvis plays the ukulele at a bonfire. Ever since then, I’ve been wanting to play this instrument again! I bought one today and put on the Elvis Christmas album and the music just came flowing!

Thanks for keeping me up to date on the progress of the training.

I would say that the elves need to assign one person to decide on the content and produce the videos and handbooks. This way, the different elf teams can train in shifts so that the work stations will not be left alone. If we approach the training in this manner, hopefully every elf will have the same chance to learn the material as quickly as possible.

Mele Kalikimaka,


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