Xmas at Userlane Day Seventeen

Day Seventeen: Santa’s Roadtrip


Santa decides to modernize things to enjoy some free time.
He leaves his Head Elf Bernard in charge of implementing new automation at the North Pole….But changing well-established processes is not that easy.
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Santa's On the Road Again

Meanwhile at the North Pole

Since the release of the Christmas Adoption Platform (XAP) at the North Pole, Bernard started to see a change in the overall atmosphere in the workshop.
In fact, the check-in meetings with the other team-lead elves were much shorter than usual and toy production was at an all time high.
Bernard was pleased with the smooth transition, but he was still hesitant that perhaps the elves hadn’t completely accepted the XAP in their daily work. He went over to the supply closet to see if they were low on sticky notes again. Holly the elf stopped him on his way to the closet.

“Hi Bernard, just wanted to let you know that I have been using the Christmas Resource Platform (XRP) nonstop now,” she said.

“Oh really, what changed? I remember you saying that you thought the XRP was a waste of time,” asked Bernard.

“Well, I didn’t mean it was useless, I was just having a hard time getting used to it and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to master it in time for C-Day. Ever since we got the XAP, I was able to learn everything I needed to learn and not get bogged down by all of the details,” she replied.

Bernard looked in the closet and saw that the sticky note supply was still full. He went back to his desk and saw an email from Santa.

Santa's Reply to Bernard

Dear Bernard,

I am really glad to hear that you and the other senior elves were able to get the guides prepared for the Christmas Adoption Platform (XAP), you make it all sound so easy! But was it really as simple as you explained in your email?

For instance, how did we make sure that the elves from the Mystical Forest of Bubble Gum who speak Bubblese were able to understand everything in the guides? I know only a few elves can really speak the dialect fluently. I mean, I only know a few words!

Also, there are the elves from the Swiss Alps who seem to communicate only by eating chocolate. Were they able to understand everything?

I am currently on my way to begin my next adventure, it is something that I have always wanted to try out and if I don’t go now, I might regret it! I’ll send you a photo tomorrow, got to catch my bus now!



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