Xmas at Userlane Day Nine

Day Nine: Santa reflects on Christmas


Santa decides to modernize things to enjoy some free time.
He leaves his Head Elf Bernard in charge of implementing new automation at the North Pole….But changing well-established processes is not that easy.
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Santa's Trying to find his inner Self

Meanwhile at the North Pole

After the blizzard had passed, Bernard thought it would be a good idea to take the elves on a quick trip to the Gumdrop Forest.
Most of the elves are still having problems with the Christmas Resource Planning tool (XRP). They either refuse to use it altogether, or are extremely inefficient with it.

Bernard thought that the elves might need some incentives, and a nice workshop event could help boost motivation for the elves!

The forest is right next to the workshop, so they did not have to go far to reach the first trail. They started walking down the path and find a group of younger elves eating fistfuls of gumdrops from the gumdrop trees.

“What are you doing?!” cried Bernard, “you know that eating too many gumdrops at once will make you loopy!”
“Relax, Bernard,” said Tommy the elf. “I can eat as many gumdrops as I want, I know what my limit is.”
The other elves snickered at Bernard’s reaction to the situation and then everyone started to pull gumdrops off of the trees.
“Let’s go back now,” said Bernard.
The elves grabbed their gumdrops and followed Bernard back to the workshop. Not sure what to do next, Bernard went to his computer to update Santa.

Santa's Reply to Bernard

”Dear Bernard,

I appreciate that you took the time to take the elves for a bit of fresh air and R&R. I myself have been practicing my yoga and meditation exercises to center my focus on Christmas. Here is a picture of me deep in thought, what do you think?

I know that everyone enjoys a gumdrop or two every now and then, but having fistfuls of them right before Christmas is not going to help us reach our deadline. Based on the updates you have provided me, I am worried that we are not going to be ready in time for Christmas.

Going forward, I think we may need some external help. I am reaching out to the Fairy Godmother for her wisdom. Hopefully she can give us some guidance! I will keep you in the loop, make sure the elves get some rest!

With love,


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